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The Hand Makery Panettone Pre-Order

The Hand Makery Panettone Pre-Order

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Our friend Max (The Hand Makery) has dedicated the last three years to mastering the art of Panettone and the proof of her passion and dedication is, as they say, "in the pudding". We can vouch that Max's panettone are absolutely delicious!

For Christmas 2023 we are delighted to offer a range of three flavours available for pre-order from Agweres!

- Chocolate, Sour Cherry & Cranberry.
- Orange & Caramel Chocolate.
- Drunken Panettone. A Classic Panettone with added Dark Chocolate & infused Dessert wine.

The Hand Makery's version of the otherwise known King of Breads, traditionally made in Italy and eaten at Christmas. Made using the same handmade techniques and using the traditional 100% sourdough mother starter called Pasta Madre. Each Artisan Panettone takes three to four days to make and involves a huge amount of skill and sleepless nights, as each stage requires its own slow rise and fermentation to complete the final unique flavour and texture. Every Panettone made at The Hand Makery in Cornwall, is full of the finest quality ingredients with absolutely no preservatives and of course a huge amount of love and care.


A note from Max about her journey

"Notoriously renowned to be one of the most difficult breads to make; Panettone is not for the faint hearted, it requires a huge amount of time and commitment and is a cruel taskmaster that must be treated with great care and respect. Panettone can only be made one way correctly but when you do it's euphoric. There is very little text in English on this topic so learning this skill has been mysterious and very much a hands on approach for me. Sometimes it has felt a very lonely place not knowing why various stages are not working out, but this has made me even more determined. Panettone is my passion and I will never stop delving into the deep understanding of this amazing, sweet scented delicious bread." 


Pre-order for collection from Agweres 16th-24th December. 


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