Agweres is a multifunctional space; part office, part classroom, part events space. Our deli counter and wine shop are open to the public Thursday- Saturday, plus Wednesday for December. We have a vibrant programme of public courses, workshops and events outside of these hours. 


What are we hoping to achieve?

The seed for Agweres was sewn with Wild Wine School. Over the last four years we have been researching, educating, starting conversations, connecting with others, about building a more sustainable, kind, accessible, and resiliant wine industry. The more we explored these ideas the more obvious it became, that the issues in the wine industry can't be fixed without addressing the issues with our wider food system. 

We're so pleased we've found a spot at Lanteague to plant our seed, and lay down some roots surrounded by like minded small businesses, where we can explore those issues in our kitchen and through a programme of events that’s bring people together to connect, collaborate, experiment, share knowledge and skills. At Agweres we are hoping to grow a community empowered by the potential of connection so that, together, we can cultivate a more secure, resilient and kind food system and beyond, and find ideas for the wine industry along the way